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Founder of Maxwell & People/Culture Expert

Adriana is the founder of Maxwell, an employee centric perks and benefits platform that helps teams crush-it at work and home. 


As the head of Inclusion & Diversity for the largest private bank in the U.S., Adriana recalled her late abuela’s words when reading yet another study about burnout - “I don’t know if worked a lot, or a little, but I do know that I worked more than I wanted.”

This was not a new phenomenon! Little had changed. She knew there had to be abetter way.

Adriana decided to leave the corporate world and use her 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Product Management, and HR to create tangible solutions to make work/life better.

When not  running a startup, you can find Adriana cooking, swinging her racquet, connecting with friends, and mostly enjoying time with her husband, kids and chocolate lab.



Co-Founder, Job Share Connect

Jessica Charlsen is a mother of three and co-founder of Job Share Connect, where she’s focused on standardizing job sharing as a flexible solution for both businesses and talent. She’s also a longtime marketing professional with experience in both the corporate and ad agency worlds. Working as a steward of numerous national brands, she has a deep understanding of the need to balance a company’s efforts to grow while maintaining the economics that allows a company to function successfully day after day. She now applies her business development and marketing expertise to help Job Share Connect’s talent pool and corporate clients find their own beneficial balance between employer productivity and talent’s flexibility needs.

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Co-Founder, Job Share Connect

Jina Hwang Picarella is the mother of young twins and opted out of the workforce to care for them before forming a partnership with co-founder of Job Share Connect, Jessica Charlsen. Jina has a PhD and nearly 15 years of diverse experience working externally as a human capital consultant and internally as a talent management expert to help companies optimize performance. She has  experience working with a variety of industries and organizations in public, private, and non-profits sectors. She has a wealth of expertise in organizational development and full range of talent management capabilities, which include talent acquisition and retention, personnel selection and assessment, leadership development, succession planning, and diversity and inclusion.



Founder, TheirSpace

Kate White is founder of TheirSpace which provides interactive tutoring and facilitated e-learning for school-aged kiddos during off-school hours. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Kate has worked in design and technology for over a decade for companies ranging from local tech startups to Fortune 500 companies; her work in that sector continues via her brand & UX consultancy, Designinator. She is an active community creator in Omaha for groups such as Women In New Endeavors (W.I.N.E.) and Forward Collective. Outside of these

endeavors, she enjoys traveling, attempting HIIT workouts, chillaxing

with her hubby and being a mom to two kiddos, Sparklepants the cat and Waffles the puppy.

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